Staff Picks

APLS staff members are often asked what books or videos or other items they like. As a rule, the library works with the patron to find what that person likes to read or watch. We have many resources that compare authors or works with others to help recommend items.

Nevertheless, we have our favorites too, and have been asked about them. Over the next few months, we will introduce you to some of them. This month’s Staff Picks are from PJ Webber, Children’s Services Librarian in Decatur.

Search for Wondla

My staff pick for May is the Search for Wondla trilogy by Tony DiTerlizzi; "The Search for Wondla", "A Hero for Wondla", and "The Battle for Wondla."  This is not a new series — book one was published in 2010 — but definitely one of my favorites. If you enjoyed Harry Potter, Pendragon, or the Hunger Games, this fantasy series is in a SIMILAR, though more juvenile vein.

Search for Wondla trilogy

The adventure takes place on Earth but many years in the future. The characters, both human and alien, and the futuristic world are amazingly imaginative. Eva Nine, the young heroine, displays all of the qualities we hope for in a hero: courage, friendship, compassion, and trust. It is a fast paced adventure that truly left me wanting the story to go on and on.

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