APLS Executive director Kelly Ehinger, Past Presidents Roxy Casper and Deborah Neipp

Friends of the Library Book Sale

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library associations were established to create and stimulate public support of library programs, interpret the library to the community, encourage gifts to the library, and provide financial support beyond the library budget capacity. Their patronage and hard work enables the programs, at two locations, listed below!

Membership in Friends of the Library is open all residents at a variety of membership levels. Friends meets four times a year, some members help out with the book sale, some at other events. The support that Friends of the Library gives to our two locations enhances our patron's experience at the Libraries and is very much appreciated. Please consider joining, by completing the form on this page.

FOL - Decatur


President - Jim Compton
Vice President - Claudia Gimbel
Secretary - Sharon Rich
Treasurer - Cheri Scherry

Past President - Larry Macklin


Carol Pettibone, 2018-2020
Janet Macklin, 2018-2020
Eric Mann, 2017-2019

Curtis Rose, 2017-2019

Ex-Officio Members

Kelly Ehinger, Director
Library Board of Trustees member

Events Sponsored by Friends

  • Summer Reading Program
  • Music in Storybook Park
  • Science Central's Hands on Science
  • Stevens Puppets
  • Library Olympics / Kids in the Park
  • Callithumpian Parade
  • Winter Reading Program
  • Santa Visit
  • Read Across America
  • JL Trekkers Programs
  • Teen Programs
  • Staff & Volunteer Recognition
  • National Library Week Prizes

FOL - Geneva


President - Jacqueline Donnally
Vice President - Kathi Tooley
Secretary - Helen Stucky
Treasurer - Jan Stahly


Sarah Briggs

Jeanette Johnson 

Events Sponsored by Friends

  • Summer Reading Group
  • Book Sales
  • Purchased Childrens books
  • Decorate front window
  • Food for Summer reading group
  • Prizes for Summer reading group
  • Racks for video/audio selections
  • Purchased a Christmas tree

Join Friends!

We meet four times a year to help with event planning and it's fun! We also enjoy the Pre-Sale before the Annual Book Sale, and our monthly copy of Off the Shelf, the monthly APLS Newsletter. Join us today!


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Friends of the Library - Decatur Bylaws
Friends of the Library - Geneva Bylaws
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